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Byron Katie and Oprah – Part 2

25 May

This is really powerful stuff.  At times, very hard to accept, especially for me when it comes to mortality.  But very powerful none the less.

Our thoughts have such a powerful grip on our reality.  Imagine life without those negative thoughts. Thoughts such as; I’m too fat, I’m worthless, how could he ever love someone like me, I wasn’t there for him, etc.  What if by not believing them, you stripped them of all their power?   You would undoubtedly find peace, contentment and joy.  And what if, just what if,  the opposite was actually true?

It’s easy for someone like Bryon Katie to explain that death is beautiful and you’re meant to be happy for the person who has passed, but in your heart it doesn’t make sense and it’s very painful.    With each passing time you think about your loved one gone, she poses the idea that you’re actually feeling immense love instead of sadness.  And over time, grieving, the sting goes away and you’re just left with love.  That person isn’t really gone.  They’re still alive in your mind when you’re reliving their memory.  Is that the true process of grieving?   Learning to let go of that thought of sadness and replacing it with love.  And letting go of the guilt for feeling happy and moving on with your life.

But how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking doesn’t change what is.  That person’s physical body is gone.  But that doesn’t make them not there, does it?  It doesn’t change the fact that we wish they were still there but alas, we have no control over that.  Sometimes this is a hard pill to swallow, but I think there might be something to it.

Oprah goes on to discuss issues such as her weight and goes through “the work” with Byron Katie.  You’ll see Oprah’s negative thought stopped dead in it’s tracks.  It truly is a powerful process of inquiry.  Sometimes, this stuff seems way too far “out there”.  That there is not place for it in “reality”.  But what is reality anyway?  A made up story we tell ourselves to justify what is.  Why not change our realities?  Do we really have the power to do that?   I don’t know.  It’s an interesting question though isn’t it?

Take a look and judge for yourselves.


Loving What Is

24 May

So I sit here on vacation overlooking the picturesque Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi, Oregon and I’m having a revelation.    And I’m struck repeatedly with goosebumps, which almost always come after epiphanies and cold weather.   And let me tell you, it isn’t because of the weather.

It’s early in the morning before anyone in the house is awake and I decide to continue on my life coaching modules, now that I have the time and mental capacity to do so.

I have enrolled in a life and business coaching program through Abundant Yogi.  It’s especially tailored for those in the yoga/wellness industry and subscribes to a lot of Buddhist philosophies as well as other mindfulness teachings.  One such teaching is “The Work” by a woman named Byron Katie.

Bryon Katie is an author of several books and created “The Work” based on experiences she had in her own life.  The idea behind this whole thing is believing our own, made-up, negative stories about ourselves and what is happening in our lives.  Feelings of worthlessness, being lost, misunderstanding; either the world not understanding us and our problems or us not understanding the world and it’s problems, hopelessness, etc.  She has designed this line of inquiry to help us navigate and curb those negative thoughts and the inevitable trip down the rabbit hole.

My homework assignment this module was to watch an interview that Oprah Winfrey did with Byron Katie as part of her Soul Series on XM radio.  I urge you to take 20 minutes out of your day and watch part 1 of the interview series.  You can listen to it here.  

This stuff is really transformational.  I think a lot of people can try to think that they are exempt from this, or that it’s “hokey”, “new age” crap.  But I’m here to tell you that this is the most relevant thing you will hear, see, do all day.  All week.  And quite possibly all year.   Listening to this with an open mind and more importantly with an open heart, might just change your life.  If you’re looking for true transformation, spaciousness in your life, and just peace and joy, then please, take the time to listen to this.

If you like what you see/hear then by all means, dig into Byron Katie’s stuff!  I’ve also included a link to a PDF that you can read here.   Or you can access it at her website, thework.com

According to the intro, this booklet “presents the essence of The Work of Byron Katie. Each year, thousands of these booklets are sent by request, at no charge, to non-profit organizations around the world, helping people discover the life-changing power of inquiry”.

My people, I feel this is part of my plan on Earth. My passion is to help others through self-inspection, self-awarenss, self-inquiry, and self-transformation.  I’m going through this stuff trying to sort out my own life, but part of my purpose is to be a conduit where information and experience can flow through me and into you.

The trip to North Dakota started as one to prosper financially, but it ended up being so much more.  It’s a trip to find peace and balance in this crazy life!  I want you to look at me and think, “well, if she can do it, so can I!”  Not in a negative way but in a real way.  A lot of stuff you hear or read is so far out there in theory and overwhelming that you don’t know where to start or how to stay on the path.  It helps to see a friend or acquaintance or even just someone you respect to go through it and/or to share it.

You follow or read my blog for different reasons; you love me and want to stay updated, general curiosity, boredom, whatever it may be.  I’m glad you’re here.  This is life, guys.  We only get one shot.  I know it’s hard and some of us are dealt a shitty hand,   but let’s try not listen to our own made up stories about what we think is reality and live in hopelessness, depression, and negative ways.  Love what is.  Learn to let go.  It’s the only shot we have of living a life with true peace, joy and love.

I’m constantly struggling to do these things myself.  But I’m here and I’m willing to put in the work.  My life is an open book for you.  Do the work with me.

Cheers!  Please have a safe and blessed weekend remembering our fallen soldiers.  If not for them and their sacrifice, I wouldn’t be able to even be sitting in this beautiful place with the freedom to write these powerful words to all of you.

And as always, thanks for reading.