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23 May

Well, yesterday I hit the pavement running.  I stopped into a handful of places and at about 4pm I stopped into a lounge to put in my application.  I waited around for the manager to open up the lounge so I could speak with her.  She instructed me to go home and get some tennis shoes and to come right back.  I did as I was told.  She put me right to work!

I worked 7 hours and had never bar tended before but I did pretty good.  Thank goodness they didn’t ask me to make anything more than a jack and coke or crown royal on the rocks and of course, I am a mean beer bottle opener!  I was impressed with my take home in tips but the manager apologized when she handed it to me saying that it was a slow night and that the next would be better.  This is promising!  I might be able to make June’s rent yet!

I have an interview on Friday and one on Tuesday for a day job.  With any luck I’ll be doubly gainfully employed in no time!