Byron Katie and Oprah – Part 2

25 May

This is really powerful stuff.  At times, very hard to accept, especially for me when it comes to mortality.  But very powerful none the less.

Our thoughts have such a powerful grip on our reality.  Imagine life without those negative thoughts. Thoughts such as; I’m too fat, I’m worthless, how could he ever love someone like me, I wasn’t there for him, etc.  What if by not believing them, you stripped them of all their power?   You would undoubtedly find peace, contentment and joy.  And what if, just what if,  the opposite was actually true?

It’s easy for someone like Bryon Katie to explain that death is beautiful and you’re meant to be happy for the person who has passed, but in your heart it doesn’t make sense and it’s very painful.    With each passing time you think about your loved one gone, she poses the idea that you’re actually feeling immense love instead of sadness.  And over time, grieving, the sting goes away and you’re just left with love.  That person isn’t really gone.  They’re still alive in your mind when you’re reliving their memory.  Is that the true process of grieving?   Learning to let go of that thought of sadness and replacing it with love.  And letting go of the guilt for feeling happy and moving on with your life.

But how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking doesn’t change what is.  That person’s physical body is gone.  But that doesn’t make them not there, does it?  It doesn’t change the fact that we wish they were still there but alas, we have no control over that.  Sometimes this is a hard pill to swallow, but I think there might be something to it.

Oprah goes on to discuss issues such as her weight and goes through “the work” with Byron Katie.  You’ll see Oprah’s negative thought stopped dead in it’s tracks.  It truly is a powerful process of inquiry.  Sometimes, this stuff seems way too far “out there”.  That there is not place for it in “reality”.  But what is reality anyway?  A made up story we tell ourselves to justify what is.  Why not change our realities?  Do we really have the power to do that?   I don’t know.  It’s an interesting question though isn’t it?

Take a look and judge for yourselves.


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