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Same Shit, Different State

7 Feb

It’s amazing how fast we fall into a boring, mundane routine and fall into our same old behavior patterns.  I’m living proof that uprooting your life and moving 1300 miles away does not really change your life.  I am still encountering the same issues that I had back in Michigan now that the excitement has worn off.

I am terrible at managing my money, still can’t find a good man (this issue is particularly troubling because there are like 10 dudes to 1 chick here), I come home from work and I’m so spent that I do absolutely nothing with my life past 5 pm.  That is of course, if I do not have to work my second job.  But mostly my life consists of watching the Food Network and the Travel Channel.  Oh, and The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  I’m obsessed.  I wonder if they have any support groups here for that…. something to ponder.

Anyway, my point or rather the epiphany was that if you want to drastically change your life, you need to change your behavior and thought patterns.  I want to manage money better.  Well then, I need to do my due diligence and change the way I think about money.  If I want to be thin, I have to change the way I consume and think about food and exercise   I realize that it is not rocket science but I guess I thought on some level I was living differently when I moved out west.

Granted, I was literally living different; in an 18′ camper.  I was also really living outside of my comfort zone by only working as a bartender 25 hours a week.  I actually really liked that life and I made damn good money.  Now, I work the 9-5 at a job that pays so damn well I can feel the metaphorical golden handcuffs tighten with each passing day.  Do I love my job, no.  I love the opportunity that it creates, sure.  And the paychecks, but the actual job?  Not so much.

But at what point do I actually sell out on my dream?   I mean, are the benefits and pay worth it?  I feel that same stigma and dogma that I felt last spring.  But then again, in order to get the life you want, you have to make some sacrifices.   I guess finding out that balance is my challenge.   I just don’t want to wake up in ten years and be doing the same old shit, different state.