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Shaggy Concert

2 Sep

Well, last night taught me a good lesson in persistence. My friend won free tickets to see the musical artist Shaggy. So last night we headed over to the Four Bears Casino in New Town, ND to watch the concert. It was a great time. I got to meet new friends, had seared duck for the first time in my life, and won $85 bucks on the slots. Overall, a night I can put in the win column.

Then today I was googling Shaggy’s music and his bio came up too. First of all, he’s in his mid-forties and he’s still out there doing his thing. But then again, forties really aren’t that old. (I’d better watch what I say now that I’m older, especially seeing as how my thirties are hot on my tail)! But regardless, he has been making music for a long time. Since he was just a kid. He moved to New York from Jamaica with is mother and ended up joining the marines to help supplement his income. Even while stationed in North Carolina he made trips back to New York to record his music. And he’s had a lot of success.

This story reminds me of some good friends of mine who are out in California pursuing their dreams in the music industry. Trenchtown, the band of the guys I grew up with, have been recording music since they were kids back in junior high. They’ve been working at their dreams for fifteen years and are doing great things.

I have so much respect for these people who know what their passion in life is and that they go out there and work for it their whole live’s. It truly is inspiring.

If you’ve got a free minute (which I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this blog), you should check out Shaggy and Trenchtown’s music. If for no other reason than to give them props for living their dreams. Find Trenchtown here.: And Shaggy here: