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The Big Move

26 Aug

Well, today’s the day.  The day that I move from my nice and safe little secluded spot in the heart of Williston to the Trailerhood.  Luckily my home is literally on wheels so there isn’t a whole lot that is going into this move.  Mostly, I just have to make sure the ole’ Bonanza still runs…  But the rest is just cleaning up everything and taking down the things that will fly off the wall and do damage.  Like my microwave.  That was a lesson learned the hard way through rush hour traffic in Chicago.

I’m mostly upset that my safe little nest is being disturbed because the residents of Williston cannot embrace change.  Part of me is enraged that my landlord’s rights are being taken away.  If he wants to make the choice to put an rv on his private property he should have that right.  The city shouldn’t be able to tell him what to do with his own land.  On the other hand, I know there have been a few bad apples that have put a bad taste in the mouth’s of the city of Williston.  Either way, it’s beyond my control.   Luckily I have a few good friends who already live in the Trailerhood that will watch out for me, so safety isn’t much of a concern.  I need to take my own advise and embrace the change and do my best to make the new spot my home.   Wish me luck!


“I was just trying to fix the rotary gurter….. I’m retarded”

23 Aug

Over the last few months I’ve been using verbiage and doing things I never dreamed of.  Exhibit A:  I live in an RV…   Who would have ever dreamed that I would end up living in an RV?!  This is just crazy.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned but the city of Williston passed it’s camper ban effective September 1st.  Yes, I know.  That’s only two weeks away!  Have no fear, I just signed a promissory note on a 30 foot fifth wheel and secured a site at a very upscale campground north of town.  And by upscale, of course I mean the ghetto.  There is a reason it is nicknamed the “Trailerhood”.  I suspect I will be able to conjure up many blog topics during my stay in the Trailerhood.  However long that may end up being, I’m not sure.

This is madness.  I’ve had to do research on how to winterize an RV, what type of truck will pull a GVWR of 14,000 lbs (don’t ask.. because I still have no clue what that means), and I’ve visited what is most definitely a  craigslist scam of a campground.  “Yeah, it’ll be done in three weeks go ahead and reserve your spot today for $30o”.  Ok, well if you can show me something other than and bulldozed field then maybe we could talk but until then.. forget about it.   The lengths that people go to here to make a buck astound me.

But you know what  is equally as disturbing as how different it is to live out here is the fact of how similar it all is as well.  Maybe I am just blessed with the gift of being able to quickly adjust and assimilate to my surroundings but this could be North Adams, Michigan or Mosses Lake, Washington or even Gainesville, Texas.  The people seem the same as anywhere I’ve ever lived.   This is really no different.  I guess it is just the human condition.  We all have the same problems, concerns, and actions regardless of where we live.  I guess all of the exterior circumstances are the extraordinary ones.

But nevertheless, I feel like I am getting quite an education out here.  I’m learning so many things about RV-ing, living truly independent from the life I am familiar with, and just about life in general.  I feel the naivety wearing off daily and I feel my confidence kicking in and the power beginning to shift in my direction.   The way things really work in life are starting to become clearer and clearer to me here.  I can see good and bad things about that type of education.  I really do not want to become an bitter individual who loses respect and trust for her fellow human-beings but I also think it’s good that I am no longer a welcome rug for the world to trample upon.   Maybe it’s a good thing to be suspicious of the world.  But I’ll leave that up for debate.  I guess it just depends on what you’re most comfortable with.  There is no right answer in any of this fantastic little enigma we call life.  But I will leave you all with a quote.  One that I have posted up on the wall’s of the Bonanza to look at everyday for inspiration.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

That Eleanor was a smart lady.  This quote could mean so many things.  But I think the most important thing to take from this is that it doesn’t have to be physical experience.  You do not have to move 1300 miles away from your life to have this experience.  It could be holding your newborn baby, experiencing acceptance of someone free of judgement, surviving a car crash, bungee jumping, taking a walk in the woods, or learning what GVWR means.  Experience is experience.  It’s whatever you want it to be.  Williston is just one phase in my journey to experience my life to the utmost, even if that means learning a few RV-ing terms along the way.

Consumer Debt-free!

13 Aug

Good news:  I didn’t post my consumer debt on this website but today I took care of over $1,000 in consumer debt.  Now all that is outstanding in my name are the student loans.  Which I hope to start chipping away at any day now.  Well, I guess what I really mean is by the next payday.

Isn’t it funny how life keeps throwing obstacles in your way?  It’s just WAY too easy to make excuses.  I am currently facing two roadblocks in the journey to become debt-free.  One; the city of Williston passed their camper ban and by September 1st I’m getting kicked out my current home.  I have a few options but I’m still feeling a little unsettled about them.  Originally I was supposed to be on the waiting list for our corporate apartments.  I was pretty much next in line for a brand new snazy two bedroom when my company got outbid for the leases in one of our apartment buildings by  none other than an oil company.  This is forcing everyone to relocate into the new apartments thus taking up the 34 soon to be available apartment units.  So instead of being 3rd on the waiting list I am now 37th.  Our housing agent says I still have a pretty good chance to get a three bedroom but if I’ve learned anything in Williston, it’s that nothing is for sure until it happens… and not even then.

Which brings me to roadblock numero dos;  El Rancho, the bar I have been moonlighting at, has been purchased by new owners and they are shutting the doors to remodel the whole entire building and letting all of the staff go.  So myself and the other four gals that work there are out of a job.  Luckily for me and one other girl the bar was just a source of supplemental income but for three of them this was their full-time job.  So now I will no longer be receiving an extra $300-$400 per week.  This puts a little dent in my debt-free timeline.  So now I am faced with the decision to try and find another part-time job that will work around my schedule and be flexible or to extend my drop-dead date and become extremely frugal.  Decisions, decisions.

Obviously, my number one priority is housing.   Especially with winter right around the corner.  I’m going to take some time off and focus on getting my poop in a group.  Then I will re-evaluate the situation once I have a somewhat stable living environment as well as a stable budget in place.

I’ve always struggled with the notion of working my life away.  I just can’t see me depriving myself of good times due to money.  I’ve never been all about the money so this journey is a particular hard adjustment for me.  Life’s too short but then again I think, “well it’s only two years of my life” to sacrifice.  But two years is too much.  Two minutes is too much.  I’m old enough to know how precious life is and I think that as long as I keep working towards my goals of becoming debt-free I’m not going to beat myself up over spending money on memories.  Dave Ramsey and the like might disagree.  Well, I’ll be sure to give their view more thought over Labor Day weekend while I’m tucked way in the backwoods of Washington for a four day weekend of good friends and great memories.