The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

29 May

The sun will rise tomorrow
into a cloudless sky
The wind will blow a lofty breeze
The fields let forth a sigh
And I’ll pay no mind
to all the hurt I feel
Because the sun will rise tomorrow
As if to say
The pain it cannot be real

– Pen Name

I’m not 100% sure if this is an original or something memorized but it was written on the pad of paper that I use to take drink orders with at the bar.  When I asked him what it was he said that this sums up his life in North Dakota.  Like most living here he is from somewhere else, actually he’s from Cheboygan, Michigan, and like most of the rest, he doesn’t really want to be here.  It’s just a means to an end for him.  A sacrifice for a better life.   Unlike the others however, it’s odd to see that amount of sensitivity from a man working in the oil patch.  It’s a good reminder that people are not always what they seem and to judge not lest ye be judged (or something like that).

I just thought it was beautiful, heartbreaking, and hopeful all at the same time and wanted to share.  Especially as the phrase “The sun will rise tomorrow” is a phrase I’ve been leaning on for hope and optimism since my high school volleyball coach said it to me ten years ago.  I have it in random areas of my life such as the security phrase for the password on my student loans (WARNING: those who wish to steal my identity please see the section of this blog “The D Word”, I’m probably not the best target…), the greeting that used to pop up when I would turn on my cell phone, etc.  It’s a constant memento that no matter how bad your day is or you think your day is, the sun is still going to rise tomorrow.  You’ve got a second chance, a clean slate to start anew and to try again and in most cases it’s hard to imagine that just yesterday you thought your world was shattered.  So just make it through the day, take a deep breath, and tell yourself, “the sun will rise tomorrow”.  With the right attitude and gratitude, happiness is not only possible but probable.


One Response to “The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow”

  1. Nikki T. May 30, 2013 at 5:30 am #

    Someone had posted this on their FB page and so I decided to click on it. Im glad I did, thank you for sharing this, it was so nice and refreshing to read. I never knew this side of you…….I like it:) This made my rough day a little sunnier!!

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